Optimizing ICARE Data Submission: A Guide to Better Governance in Resettlement Services.

October 31, 2023 by
Ahmad Barakat

For resettlement agencies, data accuracy isn't just about maintaining records; it's about accountability, compliance, and ensuring every newcomer gets the assistance they deserve.

1. The Data Reporting Challenge in Resettlement Services

Every day, resettlement agencies work tirelessly to support newcomers in their journey to integrate into new communities. A significant part of this process involves diligently logging services provided into CRM systems. However, many agencies face a challenge when it comes to reporting this data to ICARE, the IRCC government database.

The problem? Oftentimes, the data reported is less than what was actually provided.

2. The Root Causes of Underreporting

  1. Delayed Data Entry: One common reason for this discrepancy is the timing of data entry. Instead of logging services immediately after they're provided, many staff members wait until the end of the week. This delay can lead to forgotten services, thus resulting in incomplete reports.
  2. Lack of Review & Approval: The absence of a review and approval process means there's no double-check mechanism in place. A second pair of eyes—especially those of a manager or supervisor—can help identify and rectify any omissions or errors before they become a problem.

3. The Power of Digital Transformation

As a digital transformation consulting firm, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to resolve such challenges. A robust process, when combined with the right digital tools, can not only eliminate data discrepancies but also streamline the entire service delivery process.

4. Insights & Solutions

  1. Real-time Data Entry: Encourage staff to log services immediately after they're provided. Modern CRM systems allow for quick and easy mobile data entry, making it feasible even for on-the-go professionals.
  2. Implementing a Review Mechanism: Introduce an approval workflow where, once a service is logged, a notification is sent to a manager for review and approval. This adds a layer of verification and ensures data accuracy.
  3. Regular Training & Sensitization: Hold regular training sessions for employees on the importance of timely and accurate data entry. Reinforce the idea that their diligence directly impacts the organization's compliance and the well-being of the newcomers they serve.
  4. Automated Alerts: Set up automated reminders prompting staff to log their services. This can serve as a nudge for those who might forget amidst their busy schedules.


The challenges faced by resettlement agencies in terms of data reporting are significant but solvable. With proper process governance and the power of digital transformation, these organizations can ensure accurate data reporting, remain compliant with their funding agreements, and most importantly, continue their commendable work of aiding newcomers seamlessly integrate into their new homes.

If your organization is looking to enhance its data governance and streamline processes, reach out to us today. Let's transform challenges into opportunities, together.

Ahmad Barakat October 31, 2023
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