Service Digitalization

We offer a premier digitalization service that leverages a systematic, structured review of customer journeys and touchpoints. This strategic analysis uncovers potent opportunities for service digitalization, providing businesses with dual advantages: an upgraded customer experience and a more efficient back-office process. 

Client-Centric Approach

Our approach deeply explores your services from your client's viewpoint, capturing their journey, touchpoints, and challenges with your organization. This provides pivotal insights, directing you to refine your services, harness technology for self-service, and elevate the overall experience.

Insight-Driven Evaluation

After identifying your services and defining customer personas, our team collaborates with you to gauge customer satisfaction and expectations, benchmarking against leading practices.

Client Journey Visualization

We will assist you in visualizing the step-by-step journey of your customer, capturing every touchpoint and emotion, to optimize engagement and elevate the overall user experience.

Customization vs. Standardization

Recognizing that no single solution fits all, we'll collaborate with your team to craft a solution that's both cost-effective and scalable, tailored to the unique needs of your organization.


We begin with an in-depth diagnostic assessment to identify digital needs and aspirations throughout the organization. Based on our findings, we advise on the technological framework essential to actualize those aspirations.

1. Kick offf

Meet your Optability Digitalization engagement team! Our engagement teams are made up of Engagment Managers, Busines Process Consultants, Service Digitalizaiton Consultants, and Technology Business Analysts.

We will meet with your strategic, operational, and technical teams to understand their business goals, daily tasks, and challenges. We'll also delve into their pain points and learn how they currently utilize technology or how they'd like to use it in the future.

We will conduct a Technology Ecosystem Review as part of our digitalization diagnostic process. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your organization's current technology infrastructure and tools to assess their integration, efficiency, and alignment with your digital transformation goals.

We will conduct a Digital Maturity Assessment across 12 pillars to gauge your organization's digital readiness. This assessment measures maturity on a scale of 1-5, benchmarking against industry best practices.

We will pinpoint primary challenges, pain points, and gaps from stakeholder feedback and our investigative process, then formulate recommendations aligned with your organization’s objectives.

We will deliver an editable report and present findings to relevant stakeholder groups.


Service digitalization consulting focuses on transforming traditional, often manual, services into digital formats. This encompasses assessing current processes, identifying areas for digital enhancement, and implementing technology-driven solutions.

 While both aim to harness digital tools for optimization, service digitalization focuses on transforming customer-facing services into digital formats to enhance user experiences. In contrast, business process digitalization emphasizes streamlining and automating internal organizational processes, improving operational efficiency. Think of service digitalization as outward-facing (customer-centric) and business process digitalization as inward-facing (operation-centric).

Service digitalization can streamline operations, enhance customer experience, reduce costs, and offer scalability. By transitioning to digital platforms, businesses can stay competitive, meet modern customer expectations, and optimize performance.

The timeline varies based on the complexity of services and the size of the organization. After an initial assessment, we provide a customized timeline tailored to your specific needs.

Initially, there may be some adaptation required. However, our consulting approach ensures a smooth transition, with minimal disruption, by providing training, support, and phased implementation.  

Our consulting is flexible. You can opt to digitalize specific services, or undertake a comprehensive transformation based on your strategic priorities and budget.  


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